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Tim Brady, Business Coach & Mentoring Service

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The Trucking Business Coach - An 'as you need it' service. View Details
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As the owner of a motor carrier you need to be either in the office dealing with the daily challenges of owning a trucking company or on the road hauling shipments to paying customers.

You can’t afford giving up valuable time sitting in a classroom for two or three days, or traveling to a location that doesn’t provide you the revenue to keep your operation humming.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t times you need someone to bounce ideas off of or have questions about challenges you face in your day-to-day operations. How can you do this without paying a large sum of your hard-earned cash or taking time away from your business?

The answer: Tim Brady, Business Coach and Mentoring Service

Now, if you've got questions or a situation you’d like to discuss with a trucking expert, this new "On The Road’ service can help you – and you won’t have to leave your truck or office. Tim Brady, a successful trucking business owner of over 20 years, a ‘Trucking Business Expert’ on Sirius Road Dog Radio’s Lockridge Report, and Business Editor for “American Trucker Magazine” is now available.

You have a choice of two different programs.

The Trucking Business Coach - An 'as you need it' service. View Details
Tim Brady Mentoring Service -  Long-range Solutions. View Details

Client Testimonials

Simply put, Mr. Tim Brady is a Transportation Industry Expert, Mentor, Businessman and a Gentleman. You will agree with me if you have spoken to Tim, read his articles or taken any of his courses. If you haven't, I highly recommend you contact Tim Brady if you're looking to take your small trucking business to the next level.

Whenever I have questions or don't understand something relating to small carriers or owner operators, and I need credible information pertaining to the industry, Tim is my #1 source for information, knowledge and education. Tim makes the industry a better place to be. Thank you for everything: your advice, your time, your articles, your radio broadcasts, your friendship. I look forward to learning from you for the years to come. Derek Staples -

Dear Tim:

We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to you for your very active participation in reviewing our company strategies. As you know, we felt that growing the company exponentially depended upon identifying our weaknesses and utilizing new skills.

On both a professional and personal level, we really appreciate the time we were able to reflect on all of our previous experiences.

We are currently working hard on implementing our new programs. We have made substantial changes and are beginning to see real benefits in profitability and operational effectiveness. We have all made a full commitment.

Our long term planning process is providing realistic goals for us. We know where we are going and how to get there!

Again thanks so very much for your enthusiastic participation in our company. We have no doubt we would have stumbled without your presence.

Keep in touch, and drop in and visit us whenever you’re in our part of the world!

Very sincerely,
Al Collioud
Environmental Transport Group, Inc

A few months ago I took your “Introduction to Trucking Business” WebCourse at I am a new business owner and looking for a class that would speak to my needs as an owner operator. The class was user friendly and I learned a lot about how to determine my real costs and how to set goals for my business in order to grow. Keep up the good work, I look forward to part 2 ! Stephen L Deas aka Mousey (CB handle) Deas Trucking LLC

Carving A New Niche
To be successful in trucking, you must be good at a job not many others like to do.

In July, 2009, Ashton Express made the change from the Expedited field to the dry bulk hauling industry. Expedited is a specialized hauling niche that caters primarily to the Auto/truck manufacturing Industry. [But] with the weak economy comes slow Auto/Truck sales and a very slow market for expedited.

The Bulk Hauling Industry seems to stay steady. All manufacturing begins with raw materials, usually in bulk. Not just mechanical manufacturing, [but] food products, and feeds, and items needed for everyday living; power, fuel, water filtration and even waste. People still eat and produce waste in a slow economy.

The bulk trailer we pull is a specialized unit that can haul most bulk products. A coal chute or metering gate can let the product flow at a controlled rate into a hopper or onto a belt conveyer to a storage area.

The tailgate itself is a dual-opening unit that can operate as a normal end dump or it can be swung all the way open and out of the way for dumping large bulk material such as scrap metals. Also, with the gate swung out of the way, the trailer can be backed to a loading dock and palletized freight can be loaded onto the trailer by forklift.
With all these capabilities, we feel that this will give us the edge we need to stay in business and profitable. These ideas were learned from Tim Brady and the Trucking Business Community.Paul and Gail Morrison Ashton Express

Tim, We just wanted to say thank you for the WebCourses that you have. We had just bought our truck and thought we needed to know CPM. It was really tough and was about to turn the truck back over. Then we heard you on RoadDog radio and we looked at your website. We decided to take your AnyTime WebCourse. We had to borrow the money to take your course. We are very thankful that we did. Our next paycheck, after taking your first 2 classes, we were back in the black and have stayed there ever sense. We are "digging" ourselves out of the hole that we were in. Learning what we did....We would have paid more than what your course cost, even $1,000. Just need to say thank you, thank you, thank you! Todd & Anita Sorensen Northern Utah

Wow! Tim is very good at what he does. The How to Negotiate with a Trucking Company program saved me from making what would have been a financial disaster. My wife and I learned by having the correct questions and the skills to ask them in the right order is invaluable when talking with a trucking company.--B.C., GA

Going through the Trucker’s  Business Coaching program has changed my life. Tim worked with me teaching me how to figure my costs, how to set my hauling rates, and then how to negotiate with both shippers and brokers to get the rate I need to make a profit. It's been like going from night into day, and Tim made it  simple to understand. --S.R., MI  

I want to thank Mr. Brady in assisting our trucking company in retaining one of our best contract truckers. This driver was frustrated and ready to head to another company. He contacted and engaged Mr. Brady on his own to assist him in finding another company to drive for. At Mr. Brady's suggestion and help our driver came to us and laid out his issues in such a way we could completely understand his situation. He had all his revenue and expense numbers laid out so it was obvious he wasn't getting the revenue he required. We are now diligently working to get this and our other drivers revenue up where it needs to be. It's not easy, but when you can see where you need to go it helps. Thank you Mr. Brady--S.K., Missouri

I would have never believed it! Tim suggesting I try and work things out, rather than bolting. But that's exactly what he did.  He worked with me helping me to understand what the relationship between my expenses and revenue was, and what levels they needed to come up to so I could send the money I needed to the house.

Frankly, I figured going to the company was going to be a waste of time, But Tim pointed out it was better to exhaust all options there before going else where. Bottom line is--they listened and responded, and the results have been short of miraculous.  My revenue is up, I'm not behind on my mortgage or anything else, life is good.--J.S., Missouri

“I’ve been in this business a lot of years, and I’m still learning something new every week,” one owner/operator said, after having been on board for a number of the workshops. The workshop is taped as it occurs, which puts current, real-world solutions for problems in each I.C.E. (In—Cab Education) Workshop. Professional experienced trucking company owners contribute to the brainstorming and share hands-on answers.
J. Kane—Owner/Operator

“I’m glad our trucking management trainee has found you. I don’t mind investing in the Trucking Business Community; I think it can augment our business very nicely. He needed to hear it from someone who speaks his language. Corporate executives, like myself, have a different language than a trucker; because of this I was speaking the wrong language to him. He can really relate to the trucking side; he’s very talented and bright, but he didn’t understand the business side of it. This is where we were coming at odds. You have to understand the business side before you can be a success. He knows how to drive, how to operate the equipment and get it from point A to point B, which is extremely important. But in order to make it a successful company, he’s got to have that business grasp. And that’s the bridge which you and the Trucking Business Community provide.”—
S. Nix-Willey, CEO—Claude H. Nix Construction

“Since we started with the Trucking Business Community the communication part with our drivers has made a difference. It’s gotten everyone settled. We hired a dispatcher so I could concentrate on other activities, like finding customers. But our drivers wouldn’t talk to the new dispatcher; whether they stubbed a toe, had a flat tire or their load number was bad, they had to talk to me. Tim and the Trucking Business Community helped us work through it so the drivers now call our dispatcher. The Trucking Business Community and Tim have become very valuable to us, as it has freed me up to grow our business. In the past year we’ve almost doubled our fleet, when most trucking companies are cutting back.”—
J. Hayes, President—Hayes Concrete and Trucking