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Challenge the best minds of your company in a dynamic, fast-paced energy matrix that forces the best solutions to the top.

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Fast & Furious Problem-Solving Session

A presentation by Tim Brady of innovative ideas and encouragement to get your trucking business back on track.

Brady can assist your company or organization through his signature presentation. Think Speed Networking that generates brainstorming which develops solutions to your most pressing challenges. :

Driver Recruitment and Retention Fast& Furious Problem-Solving Session

To stay at the top of the trucking game and retain high-quality drivers, carriers must continually evaluate and seek best practices in driver recruitment and retention.

Enter the Fast & Furious Problem-Solving™ Session - An interactive Driver Recruitment and Retention program focusing on finding and retaining high quality drivers. This is accomplished through a unique, fast-paced, group brainstorming technique that determines the best recruiting and retention practices for your carrier. This needs-specific, synergistic program concentrates on your company's particular challenges. Get innovative ideas and encouragement during the two-hour session, and find solutions for the challenges facing your trucking company in locating, recruiting and retaining top quality truck drivers from the best and brightest within your organization.

Best Practices Fast& Furious Problem-Solving Session

This is a unique brainstorming session. The purpose of the Best Practices Fast and Furious Problem-Solving session is to come up with as many new ideas to improve what you do; or, to verify the procedures with which you currently work are the most efficient and effective in achieving the final result. That final result is an uneventful load which leaves the customer not just satisfied, but a major fan of both you, the trucker, and your trucking company. This again is achieved through the best and brightest within your organization, who are best suited to know your carrier's challenges and develop the best solutions for your specific business model.

How the Fast& Furious Problem-Solving Session™ Works:

Each session is custom designed with problems your company or organization's members face. The development of either 8 or 16 challenges plus a bonus challengeis from a list that is determined by you and your people. Once this list is developed is Brady cue. He swings into action with his Fast and Furious Problem-Solving Session™ :

  • Participants are divided into small groups of problem solvers.
  • Each group is dealt one major problem constraining the industry—and ten minutes to solve it.
  • Under the gun, they rise to the challenge and hammer out bold new solutions.
  • This is repeated until every problem has multiple solutions on the table.
  • A spokesman from each group presents their solutions to the entire audience.

Take your company to the next level. Sign up for a Fast & Furious Problem-Solving Session™ and put the best minds in the trucking industry to solve the problems facing your company … you and your people.

Challenge the best minds of your company in a dynamic, fast-paced energy matrix that forces the best solutions to the top.

Don’t forget, Brady is available as a Keynote Speaker, Special Topics Speaker or as a Master of Ceremony

To request information on scheduling and speaking fees for Tim Brady for a Fast & Furious Problem-Solving Session™ or to speak at an event.... Click  Here

Appearances include:

  • Atlas Van Lines’ Drivers Meeting
  • The Bekins Company National Convention
  • Wheaton World Wide Convention
  • Security Credit Corporation
  • Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance
  • National Bankers Trust Corporation
  • Dyersburg State Community College Industrial Training Center
  • Jackson State Community College
  • Great American Trucking Show
  • Pennsylvania Moving & Storage Associates Annual Meeting
  • Sirva Worldwide Operations Meeting
  • United Van Lines Canada Limited Annual Convention
  • The BS of Trucking Business Smarts of Trucking atGreat American Trucking Show (GATS)
  • RoadRunner Driving Academy: Finding the Right trucking Company.
  • Michigan Movers Association Conference (Fast & Furious Problem Solving Session™)
  • Master of Ceremonies for the Memphis Trucking Expo
  • JK Moving Services Operations Meeting (Fast & Furious Problem Solving Session™)
  • 2015 American Moving & Storage Association Education Conferance (Fast & Furious Problem Solving Session™)


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