The Life & Adventures of Timothy D. Brady -

(aka - Poppa'T')

Husband - Father- Granddad - Author - Columnist -
Business Coach - Farmer - Chef - Trucker - Speaker

(Not always in this order.)

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Timothy D. Brady
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Brady is inspirational, motivating, and empowering in his presentations.
With wide ranging and varied entrepreneurial endeavors in multiple industries over the past 40+ years provides Brady with a well-rounded wealth of experience and knowledge.
Add his passion for teaching and his desire to help others, and the package Brady presents is unbeatable.
Since 2002

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Head Wrangler & Farmer

A friendship pf 41 years between twp native New Mexicans culminated in wedding bells, and then their desire for southwestern cuisine became the Dixie Chile Ranch in Kenton, Tennessee.

These two New Mexico expatriates grow fresh green and red Anaheim Chiles, a staple of their home state, along with fresh fruit and vegetables for the dinner table and their Northwest Tennessee neighbors. Known as the Dixie Chile Ranch,
established in 2010.

Write Up The Road Shield

Columnist, Blogger & Author

Established 2002
At Write Up the Road Brady teams up with two talented writers and published authors.
We three are story tellers, weaving articles, flash fiction, short stories, poetry, books out of our friendship and our hearts into lives rich with words and imagery.
Friends since 1958

Instructor & Course Developer

Established 2002
Providing Trucking Business Knowledge through Online Business Courses, Learning Guides, Business Books, Articles along with Business Coaching by a Leading Industry Expert with nearly 40 years in trucking.